Our world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Teens are more emotionally disconnected. The human bond has been challenged; the constant objectification of each other has resulted in more sadness and anxiety for this generation.


Suicide rates among teens have gone up by over 60%, mass shootings are not uncommon, and the increasing fear for ourselves and our planet is more real than ever.

​​       Certainly, Gen-Z has a lot of anxiety and is considered the most depressed generation yet, but they are more psychologically minded and empathetic than any other generation. As a whole, GenZ sees people more authentically, strives for genuine connection, and is more compelled to come together to change the world.

GenZ is our priority. 

We disrupt the disconnect.

We care about giving teens a path for true connectedness with themselves and others. 

We start where teens are at.

Give them more choices.

Amplify their voice.

Empower life.

And build in free mental health support whenever they want it.  

Together, we will change outcomes.


GenZ, Mental Health



Promly has teamed up with GenZ creators, mental health professionals, and tech professionals to bring to life an app that they love, with the support that they need

20 BY 20
  • In the Promly app, you’ll be asked to create a list of 20 things you want to do before your 20th birthday.

  • While you reflect on what your personal goals are, it’s no longer about what others think, but what success is in your eyes. Whether a simple task or a huge project, learning more about you and connecting with others is the goal.

  • Once you’ve filled out your 20 by 20, you’ll be able to share it with others (or not – it’s always up to you) and even create events to complete your list. 

  • The 20 by 20 inspires and empowers you to get out and live life.

  • Create genuine connections with teens who share similar interests

  • Build your 20 BY 20: a vision board of anything you would like to do by age 20.  Users can scroll through collages for inspiration and connection. 

  • Integrate some mainstream social media directly into the Promly platform. 

  • Buy and sell products, clothes, creations, from GenZ entreprenuers with our exclusive Promly shop.

  • Create genuine connections with teens who share similar interests.

  • Build your 20 BY 20: a vision board of anything you would like to do by age 20.  Users can scroll through collages for inspiration and connection. 

  • Access 24/7 free mental health support whenever you need it.  

  • Tap into an immense network of helping resources: self tests, journaling resources, meditations, music playlists, and more through our built-in nonprofit arm, Promly for YOU.


The Promly Garden is where GenZ uses their voice through writing, podcasts, and art. We publish articles and creative work produced by students about subjects that they find to be of interest.  
We amplify the GenZ perspective, activate insight with current concerns, and validate a new generation of people who we believe will change the world.





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We’re happy to hear from you! Should you want to volunteer, intern, or partner with us in any capacity- Please reach out!
Together, we will change outcomes & save lives.

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